You don't have to pay for content anymore nor struggle to choose the "right" channel. Simply pick topics that are relevant to your audience and your TV will automatically create

the best customer experience

there is for your store.

* Certain conditions apply.

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it increases your

sales by 30%

Competing on price alone is a losing battle. It's the customer experience that matters. 8x WiFi TV will increase in store dwell time by 10% or more,

which will increase your sales by 30% or more on average.



Our solution radically reduces the carbon footprint for video streaming on in store TVs and mobile devices. You can now call yourself a proud

eco-friendly retailer.

The carbon footprint of video streaming is now bigger than the footprint of the aerospace industry.


more than 50  content partners

from canada, the u.s. and the e.u.

and a lot more

more than 30 topics


adapted in real-time for all types of retailers

and their customers

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WiFi TV est une marque de commerce de 8x Labs Inc. Le service WiFi TV est offert pour les destinations et commerçants au Canada seulement.

WiFi TV is a trademark of 8x Labs Inc. The WiFi TV service is available to retailers and other destination in Canada only.

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