8x Labs in 60 Seconds

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There are two new innovations on the Web:

1) There is a new internet protocol which allows people to ask for content by a name, instead of an IP address.  This doesn't sound revolutionary, but it is.  Now, instead of having to scale the web server by server, we can scale file by file; and files are easy to distribute, store, replicate, and grab pieces of.  This new technology will dramatically change the cost of delivering content and disrupt the current CDN architecture.  It will allow everyone to compete with the infrastructure that Youtube, Facebook, Amazon and Netflix have spent years building.

2) There is also a new way to account for how content is consumed. We can track each bit of content and see who viewed it, for how long, under what revenue scheme (subscription, pay-per-view, ad supported, free), and then pay everyone in the chain that helped deliver that content e.g. the content producer and each of the companies that stored and delivered parts of the file.

This results in two things and one massive opportunity:

1) The ability for content providers to show their content anywhere, with high quality.  They are no longer confined to streaming on their own quality-controlled network or relinquish their rights to social networks and OTT services.  This will lead to affiliate models for content owners and create new distribution and monetization opportunities on the Web, with full control on their distribution and monetization terms, and with proof of origin.

2) A more decentralized and meritocratic business model, which should attract many existing players (ISP's, Telco's, Ad networks, content producers) to join a new ecosystem of content delivery, automated and secured with blockchain and AI technologies.

8x is building the underlying software that makes this all work. 

We will license that software to internet providers under a SaaS model, and we will run and participate in the new affiliate / attribution / payment model.